Remote Photobiomodulation (light therapy) for head Injury, cognitive decline and dementia.

Want to know how to help your patients with concussions, mental decline associated
with aging and dementia related challenges​​?​​​​​

Coming straight from our Head-On! program, (click here to learn more)
​​​​​​​we will show you how to integrate Remote Photobiomodulation ​​​​​​​or brain light therapy into your own practice or even for your own personal use.

As you know, neurons are cells that contain mitochondria.
By delivering photons to a light-sensitive enzyme (cytochrome c oxidase) found within the mitochondria, this triggers a cascade of beneficial and energizing cellular events.
​​​​​​​Clinical studies have shown that near-infrared radiation (NIR) of sufficient power density is capable of diffusing through the scalp, skull and brain.


Remote Photobiomodulation

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