INS is excited to offer a new system to allow your clients to continue their progress

on their path to feeling better. At INS, we have always worked to allow you to

provide the best services to your client, and even though we are in times of

uncertainty, we strive to continue our mission. With these difficult times, we have all

had to re-evaluate the ways in which we serve clients. Because of this, we sought

out ways to make Multivariate Coherence Training more accessible to everyone.

We have developed a Multivariance Coherence Training Unit that will allow your

clients to continue their Neurofeedback Training from their own home. The unit

comes with an amplifier, computer cord, and software that can be installed on your

clients computer. We will also provide training for you on how to use it, and will be

available to help you train your clients, or if you have any questions. We are offering

these units at an intro price of $400 per month for a rental or $2500 for a one-time

purchase fee.

For more information, please refer to the Webinar Dr. Coben did on the history of

Multivariance Coherence Training, why we prefer it, and how this system can help

you and your clients. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach

out to us.

Remote Multivariate Coherence Training Rental


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