Head On! Program Case Study 3

By: Kristy Snyder Colling, Ph.D. and Robert Coben, Ph.D.

Our Head-on Program is a dynamic 3-tiered program that includes personalized neurofeedback, photobiomodulation, and a nutrition program designed to reduce neural inflammation, sugar intake, and modulate the microbiome to facilitate better all-around health. This program is now fully remote! That means, whether you are in the Northwest Arkansas region or not, we can help you on your journey to a healthier you.

Our Head-on program is already changing lives for the better! Below, we present a recent case that has shown remarkable improvement from just 3 months on the program:

A 70-year-old, right-handed female presented to our clinic with symptoms of memory loss, headaches, fatigue, and joint pain. Her brain map indicated that regions along the sensori-motor strip, specifically motor control areas in the posterior frontal lobe, and bilateral regions in the parietal lobe responsible for visuospatial processing, memory, and language were not functioning properly. Moreover, there was poor connectivity, specifically over the regions in the left hemisphere.

Eyes Open Reciprocal Causality

The patient began the nutrition program as well as at-home photobiomodulation. An EEG recorded 3 months after the initial recording revealed marked improvements. Specifically, there was a 34% increase in short range and 25% increase in long-range connectivity. This means that different regions of the brain are communicating more effectively.


*Note that lower values indicate better connectivity.

Eyes Closed Z-score Relative Power


There were also changes in brain activity – The first recording indicated excess alpha band frequencies (10-12 Hz) over bilateral frontal and midline central regions, as represented with dark red coloring in the image on the left. At the follow-up recording (image on right), these excesses were greatly reduced.

The patient’s subjective self-report also revealed improvements. She reported decreased headaches, fatigue, and pain, which she attributed to the nutritional and photobiomodulation treatments. She also had bone density testing completed and the results revealed improved bone resorption rates, which may have been facilitated by the nutrition program.

Read more about our Head-On! Program here: https://www.integratebrainhealth.com/head-on-program

If you would like to discover how our Head On! Program can help you or someone you love, please contact us at Integrated Neuropsychological Services (INS), a division of Integrate Brain Health, at 479-225-3223 or admin@integrated-neuro.com. We are also happy to help other clinicians place this in their own clinics and help their own patients!

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