Head-On! Program Case Study 2

By: Kristy Snyder Colling, Ph.D. and Robert Coben, Ph.D.

Our Head-On! Program, which incorporates optimal nutrition, photobiomodulation, and connectivity-based neurofeedback can be employed for a range of psychological and neurological conditions, including concussion, head injury survivors, individuals with cognitive and memory disturbances and different forms of dementia. Here is a case study of one of our patient’s journey:

An 85-year-old female came to our clinic presenting with memory issues (e.g., forgetfulness, word finding, recalling people’s names). Her diagnosis was major neurocognitive disorder likely due to Alzheimer’s disease. To better assess her mental acuity, the client participated in a battery of neuropsychological tests. We also conducted a qEEG to assess her brain activity and connectivity. The eeg-guided brain mapping revealed poor connectivity among a number of brain regions. Most notably with Brodmann’s area 40, which is a multifunctional region that plays a role in language and memory, among other tasks.

It was determined that the client’s treatment would consist of neurofeedback and photobiomodulation as a part of our Head-On! Program. After two months of treatments, the client returned for follow-up tests to assess the efficacy of the treatment. The client reported anecdotal improvement of short-term memory. In addition, the results of neuropsychological tests revealed improvements in auditory and facial recognition, as well as in a number of executive function measures. We also found marked decreases in excessive global theta band frequencies (2-4 Hz), indicating that our treatment is helping move the patent’s brain activity closer to the norm established in the database.

June 2020

August 2020

If you would like to discover how our Head On! Program can help you or someone you love, please contact us at Integrated Neuropsychological Services, a division of Integrate Brain Health. We are also happy to help other clinicians place this in their own clinics and help their own patients!

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