Article Review: Effect of Transcranial Near Infrared Light 1068 nm Upon Age-related Memory Status

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Dougal, G (2020). Effect of transcranial near infrared light 1068 nm upon age-related memory status: A pilot study.

Article Review By: Kristy Snyder Colling, Ph.D. and Robert Coben, Ph.D.

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There is emerging excitement over photobiomodulation (PBM) as a non-invasive, effective, side-effect free treatment for a variety of neurological aliments. The mechanism by which PBM works is by increasing the efficiency of the mitochondria, facilitating the cell’s energy metabolism. Previous studies have shown the 1068 light frequency to be useful in animal models. Specifically, there was a beneficial effect on the spatial memory performance in a mouse model of premature aging. Indeed, some have noted anecdotal evidence of improvements in motor function in Parkinson’s disease and in executive function, such as set-shifting, in Alzheimer’s disease.

The current study assessed the effect of PBM, relative to placebo, on motor function and memory in a group of healthy individuals that were age matched to a group of individuals who had been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment. Participants used PBM 6 minutes twice a day at home. The results indicated significant improvements in working memory and motor function over placebo and, notably, there were no adverse side-effects. The findings are in-line with and extend the findings of a previous study, which found improved executive function in a group of healthy young individuals (mean age 20). Demonstrating that PBM can work in older healthy individuals encourages the possibility that it will work to help older individuals with mild cognitive impairment. Indeed, a previous study has provided evidence of PBM improving executive function, such as visual attention, in humans with neurodegerative diseases.

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