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What is Peak Performance?

Peak Performance refers to our potential to maximize focus and emotional

control to optimize our abilities. It is characterized by feelings of confidence,

concentration, and a positive, can-do outlook. Critical to high-level

accomplishment in the workplace, in sports, and in daily life, Peak

Performance is achieved by implementing purposeful, targeted strategies

that regulate neuropsychological and neurophysiological functioning, develop

constructive habits, and reduce feelings of inadequacy and stress.

How Does it Work?

Just as an athlete trains muscles to improve performance or a musician

practices a musical piece until it is instinctive, INPS utilizes comprehensive

assessment and our QEEG to intentionally establish protocols that integrate

neurofeedback, individualized therapies, and nutrition to train the brain and

improve emotional resilience, concentration, and control. When the brain

functions optimally, it works in harmony with our physical, emotional, and

mental framework to achieve an internal rapport that produces fully present

actions and attitudes that shape our performance.

What About Results?

Research informed and scientifically supported, the full range of services at

INPS support Peak Performance development and maintenance. Executives,

surgeons, and athletes have used our integrated neurofeedback strategies to

improve concentration, decision making, and emotional control, and the

results are readily apparent. Growing in popularity, our Peak Performance

service has the potential to enhance anyone’s personal, professional, or

academic goals with improved concentration and confidence, and maximized

focus and emotional control.

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