What is Peak Performance?

Peak Performance is ability to focus and maintain control of your emotions, and it is crucial tomaximizing performance in the workplace, in athletic sports, and in daily life. Neurofeedback, a research-informed intervention, is a brain-based approach to mental training, and is used to improve both concentration and emotional regulation.


Just like an athlete trains their muscles to improve performance, Neurofeedback trains your brain to improve emotional resilience, concentration, and emotional control. When the brain is functioning optimally, it is like a beautiful song; each instrument plays in harmony with the rest of band to produce a clear melody.When one instrument plays louder or out-of-tune with the band, the melody is less clear and the song is affected.


At Integrated Neuropsychological Services, we use QEEG techniques to determine ways in which to improve focus, decision making, attention, and processing speed. To use our music metaphor, we determine what “instruments” (or brainwaves) are playing too loudly or softly, and help train the brain to improve its harmony (intra-brain regulation) and therefore its melody (overall functioning).


Business executives, Surgeons, and pro-athletes have used Neurofeedback to improve concentration, decision making skills, and emotional control in order to advance their skills. Below are a series of articles documenting professional use of Neurofeedback in athletics.


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