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The first step in optimizing brain health is optimizing neuron nutrition. Everything from

academics to social interactions to emotional well-being depends on how well neurons work

individually and communicate with each other across various functional networks. The key

to keeping neurons healthy is reducing inflammation.

What causes neural inflammation? Your diet goes a long way toward facilitating or inhibiting

inflammatory responses in your body. Unfortunately, the standard American diet is one of

calorically dense foods that are full of refined grains, simple sugars, high fructose corn

syrup, as well as saturated and trans fats. Our bodies identify these kinds of foods as

harmful invaders. As a result, eating them triggers an immune response, flooding our

system with inflammatory factors. Prolonged exposure to this inflammation increases our

chances of diabetes, arthritis, IBS, sinus infections, and even heart attacks and strokes.

And, it wreaks havoc in our brains, initiating changes that affect everything from our daily

emotions and energy level to long-term problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The good news is that by changing your diet you can reduce inflammation and go from

disease to health! Our nutrition program has four components to give to the tools you need

to stop the slide into disease and take back your life.


Habits of Health – Our program facilitates a lifestyle transformation that will improve

every aspect of how you interact with your world. We harness the science of habit

formation to help you learn how to make small manageable changes that get your

mind and body working together for long-term wellness.


Food – Your journey to optimal health starts with the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 plan. That

is, you enjoy 5 fuelings and 1 lean and green meal a day. Each delicious fueling has

been developed by physicians, scientists, and dieticians to contain high-quality

protein, which helps maintain lean muscle, and probiotic cultures, which helps

support digestive health. Have your first fueling within 30 minutes of waking and eat

every 2-3 hours to enter a gentle and efficient fat-burning state. There are over 60

fueling options including shakes, bars, and soups among many other options. This

ensures there is something for every taste and that you won’t get bored. Indeed, the

fuelings make healthy eating easy and convenient. With your lean and green meal

you’ll learn how to create nutritious, portion-controlled meals that you can enjoy with

your family throughout your transformation.


Health Coaches – You are not alone. Our trained coaches are there for you every

step of the way. They support you through challenges and setbacks as well as cheer

you on and celebrate your accomplishments.


Community – Your support system doesn’t stop with your health coach. When you

join our nutrition program you join a whole community of people who, like you, have

decided to change their lives for the better. This community support comes in many

forms from social media to live and recorded video conferences full of people at

various stages of their journey, so there are always friends you can relate to and

learn from.

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