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Whole Body Wellness

Proven nutrition gets you where you want to go. Individualized health coaching ensures the journey to integrated wellness is never undertaken alone. Study after study shows that support and guidance increase your chances of success in reaching optimal health and vitality. That is why we will be there to guide you and help you develop new habits and make healthy decisions that lead to lifelong transformation. We will celebrate your successes together, the little ones and the big ones. As your health coach, I will be a source of support, advice, guidance, and encouragement through the good times and difficult moments.


Why Health Coaching?

With Integrated Health Coaching, you will discover how to incorporate simple, easy and powerful healthy habits into everything you do. Your bigger life is waiting – all you need to do is take the first step!

The first iteration of the Habits of Health System launched more than a decade ago when Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen (Dr. A) left his role as a critical care physician to build a new, more effective way to transform the lives of individuals around the world. Instead of focusing on sick-care, Dr. A developed an accessible, field-proven approach for reaching a healthy weight and unlocking the habits that make health vibrant and sustainable.

Anyone can transform their lives. Dr. A’s Habits of Health Transformational System makes it possible.



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