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Drs. Stevens and Coben are deeply committed to sharing their extensive knowledge to the neurofeedback practitioner, helping them to improve the lives of others.  On site, INS offers workshops designed for the skills enhancement of the clinicians with whom they work.  Attendees may schedule a training session designed for their particular interest or they may choose to attend a workshop programed by INS.  All workshops designed by INS meet both BCIA and ISNR standards.

Drs. Coben and Stevens often provide talks, workshops and seminars at related conferences or conventions.  Frequently, their presentations center around understanding EEG and QEEG, utilizing other data to inform clinical choices, understanding other neuropsychological and neurobiological factors related to specific diagnoses, and integrating this information to inform the neurofeedback training protocols.

Finally, both Drs. Coben and Stevens educate and enhance their own knowledge through serving the neurofeedback community, at large, and publishing their own research. Dr. Coben is currently serving as president of ISNR and is a founding member of the IBQE. He is an editor for the following journals: Neuroregulation, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorder, Clinical Neurophysiology, Neuroimage and Psychophysiology. He has edited special issues for Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Dr. Stevens has provided numerous talks regarding the benefits of neurofeedback to both the lay public and other school, medical and mental health professionals. She also serves or has served on the Scientific Advisory Committee for SenseLabs, ISNR, Circle of Life Hospice and Palliative Care Center and the Head Trauma Committee at the University of Arkansas. Other affiliations for both of these professionals include Wintrop University Hospital, University of California at San Diego and NYU Medical Center.

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