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Consultation Services

When you receive consultation services, you’ll get…

Drs. Coben and Stevens utilize treatment with neurofeedback daily in their clinical practice.  INS provides their combined expertise in neuropsychology and in-depth understanding of EEG and QEEG data to interpret brain function.  From this, Drs. Coben and Stevens are to enhance the clinician’s understanding of their patient’s daily brain activity through neuroscientific, neuropsychological, and neurophysiological information.

During the virtual consultation, Drs. Coben and Stevens interpret the EEG, QEEG, and other neuropsychological information with the clinician in order to provide the patient with optimal care. The reports illustrating the brain maps and statistical data are viewed simultaneously through Zoom meetings.  This allows the clinician to visualize and interpret the information presented to them during the meeting, while also creating a collaborative environment where Drs. Coben and Stevens are able to offer customized treatment recommendations.

Sign up for Zoom Meetings here.  Or see how Zoom Meetings/Video Conferencing works: watch video.

Curious? Watch Dr. Coben on a sample online video consultation conducted with Zoom.

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